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ETS Language training

ETS Taaltrainingen: our Business English Language courses.

Vrijblijvende offerte

ETS is the Language Trainer for business and technical English

We specialize in business, IT, recruitment, HR, shipbuilding, offshore, construction and many more branches.

Why are we different?
1. We have 2 language trainers per group for a better individual approach.
2. The course material is branch-specific.
3. Every student/participant has their own e-learning pack and smartphone application.
4. We offer a diverse learning approach, the shop floor is often our classroom.
5. The quote is all inclusive (e-learning pack, course material, individual intake and production)
Every student has a different language level and specific needs within that level for language acquisition. This is why the second tutor is so important. He/she will have individual sessions during the course and monitor individual progress. Our e-learning program is also an excellent way to learn the language on an individual level, The e-leanning program has specific business and IT modules. The students have their own unique login which is valid for 6 months.

Course content: this is a selection of the subjects offered in a work-related content.
- Introduction, position in the organisation
- Describe the organisation
- USPs of Connexys
- Product delivery
- Recruitment procedures
- Sales and customer approach
- IT procedures
- Meetings and presentations
- Writing : emails, business letters, quotes and tenders
- Grammar : in work related procedures




Exams and certificate :
We work according the European CEFR registration ( Common European Framework of References ).


What is included :
- 10 language group sessions of 2.5 hours + 1 exams session. (weekly or in consultation)
- Course folder business English Connexys specific.
- Course book Business English.
- Smartphone application “English every day”
- E-learning pack (login for 6 months)
- 2 tutors per group
- Travel expenses tutors

René Verhagen

René Verhagen


Onze Trainers zijn 1e en of 2e graads gekwalificeerd. Gespecialiseerd in individuele begeleiding. Een aantal is ook gecertificeerd tolk vertaler. Wij vinden het belangrijk om per opdracht dezelfde trainers in te zetten zodat er een goede klik met de deelnemers en de opdrachtgever ontstaat.


  • Avéro Achmea
  • Sarens
  • Wincoop
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Mondial Movers
  • Royal IHC
  • Volvo dealer


Elke cursus is bij ons uniek. Deelnemers hebben verschillend niveau en binnen dat niveau ook nog specifieke wensen met betrekking spreken, schrijven lezen enz.

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